Balita Europa, S.L.

borns in 2011’s summer, giving old marble industry a new concept. Balita offers high valued solutions and services for importers, wholesalers and building companies that works with Spanish marble, specifically Crema Marfil.

All this can be achieved because of our technician human resources and experienced marketing specialist who work hard to fulfill our customer’s needs. Always keeping in mind our competitiveness and quality that has taken us to be a trustable company.

What we do?

Balita works to give high valued services to importers, wholesalers and building companies that use Spanish marble, specifically Crema Marfil marble.

How we do it?

We have preference options to choose blocks directly from marble quarries; we select what later will be floor’s tiles and slabs fitting our customer’s needs. Lately, in our gang saws, blockcutters and polishing machines, we work with rough material until it becomes a final product to our client.